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Because improving your business should never stop
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"What else can we do to help your business thrive?"

"How can we save you time?"

"How can we help you make more money?"

"How can we get you more sales?"

We ask those questions every day.

You need to see what we have planned for you.
It's...pretty awesome.
Pricing Assistant.  
Make more informed pricing decisions.
Not too high.
Not too low.
Priced...just right.  To sell.
"I know I sold one of these before!  I wonder what I priced it at?"
A question every liquidator wonders at virtually every sale.
Stop wondering.
Our Pricing Assistant can help.  It will search your past sales for similar items, and offer price suggestions.  
Plus, optional functionality to check pricing for your region of the country, because a California price won't always be the same as an Indiana price.
Many liquidators have their own website and use another site to list their company and sales.
Guess which generates more sale leads?
Their own website.  Hands-down.
Get your own website up and running fast with our Website Services.
We can create a bespoke* website for you quickly and affordably.
*that's fancy talk for "custom-made just for you"
Get your business the on web.
Get your business seen.
Get your business growing.
Real-time labor
Sale day starting to slow down?
Should you "cut the floor" and send some help home?
We'll let you know.
There's a reason why restaurants have 12 servers at lunch but only 4 or 5 mid-day.
Labor costs.  
It's expensive to have staff around that aren't needed.
It's the same for your sale, too.
If your sales for the day start to slow down, it may be time to cut staff.
We can let you know.  Immediately.  And automatically.
Offering your inventory on-line can increase your customer base tremendously.
Some sites offer this, but don't make it particularly easy to do so.
But we can make it easy.  Just click a few boxes, and it's out there for all your buyers to see.
And you can even continue to sell it on-line even during sale hours.  And we'll make sure it doesn't get "sold twice".
Make your inventory available for sale 24/7 on-line.
Because sometimes your buyers are still home in their jammies.
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