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Finally, true inventory management

for your next estate sale


Full-fledged Inventory Management


Automatic Discount Logic


Scannable Barcodes


Bullet-proof Security


"Shopping Cart" Ease-of-use


Multiple Price Tag Formats


True inventory management.  Tailored to you.

15Forms allows you to enter in a virtually unlimited amount of inventory items per sale.  Enter information such as item name, description, asking price, quantity, reserve price and a "no haggle" flag!

Want to show sale dollars for Jewelry, Collectibles, Books or Furniture?  Optionally categorize your inventory for more informative reporting.  

You can even inventory Not For Sale items!

And when you add a new sale, you can either make it an inventoried sale or not.  Your choice.

Know when something got sold, for how much, and how many you have left.




Scannable Barcodes.  Tap.  Tap.  Scan.  Done.

One tap to open the cart.


One tap to add a purchase.

One scan to enter the purchase.

Done.  Really, it's that easy.

Simply enter in your inventory prior to the actual sale.  firstfifteen will automatically generate unique barcodes for every inventory item you enter.

During the sale, start a new "shopping cart" for the buyer (or bring up the one already started for them).

Tap "Add an item".  Tap "Scan".  Scan the barcode.

Done.  And firstfifteen has automatically updated your inventory levels.

Mistakes?  Just delete it from the cart.  And inventory levels are adjusted in real-time.



Forget paper receipts.  Think "shopping cart".

Forget the paper receipts.

And the hard-to-read writing.  And the misread prices.  And the stacks of paper receipts to go through to figure out your sales for the day. 

Think instead of an electronic receipt, complete with items purchased, original price, automatically applied discount and immediate final total.

Just like your shopping cart when you buy on-line.

And just as easy to read, add to, and delete items from.

Paper receipts.  


As shopping carts.

Fewer errors.  Less work.

Shopping Cart

Discounts:  Daily?  Hourly?  All automatic.

Put the calculator down.

We'll do the math for you.

Do you offer discounts?  Probably.

Do you hate calculating 50% of a total 60 times a day?  Probably.

15Forms can handle all of your discounts automatically.

Just tell us what day gets what discount.  We'll take it from there.

And you can even set up different discounts for the same day.  So if you want an opening discount and a "getting close to close" discount, we can handle it!


Cloud-based app.  Bullet-proof security.

If you can access the internet, you can access all your data on your phone, tablet, PC, or laptop.

We got you covered.

Enter inventory info on your desktop at home, your laptop at the estate, even your tablet while you're at the coffee shop.

Or check your daily sales figures on your phone.

Your data is no longer tied down to a specific PC.

Get reliable, safe and secure access to your inventory, sale receipts and sale activity anytime, anywhere.


Price Tags:  Multiple Formats.  Lots of Info.

15Forms is the ONLY cloud-based app that lets you generate multiple formats of your sale's price tags.

Use our app to generate:

  • individual "mailing label" price stickers (to adhere to your own hang tags)

  • larger index-card size price tags for larger pieces of furniture, artwork, etc.

  • "bulk" index-card size price tags for large-quantity items such as books, LPs, shoes, or kitchen utensils

  • "Not For Sale" index card size tags to let your buyers (AND your staff) know what isn't for sale.

All price tags for sale items, regardless of size, include clearly printed descriptions, price, "hidden" indicators to show if the price is firm or a reserve price, and its associated barcode for easy scanning.

Print price tags directly from the app.  

Stickers, wall cards, full sheets.

We can do them all.

Price Tags

"The will states I get all the proceeds from selling the doll collection."

Multiple lots.

Because sometimes sales

are complicated.

Portrait of Mature Woman

"I'm adding this furniture to the sale. Can you track its sale separately from the other stuff?"

Businessman with Glasses

"The silver is my brother's.  He needs to get a separate payment for it."

Young Businesswoman

Almost every liquidator has had a sale where the client family needs to keep sale dollars separate from the rest of the sale.

Maybe a family member adds some items to the sale and want the cash made from selling those items.  


Or the proceeds from specific estate items (like a coin collection) need to go to a specific family member.

15Forms handles all of this for you.


It allows you to flag any number of inventory items as belonging to a specific lot.  

When adding in the estate inventory, you can optionally flag which lot of items belongs to a specific family member.  A simple report option lets you then break out these specific lots for easy sale reporting, and easy payout.

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