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Track the basics

In less than a minute, you can enter in virtually all of your sale contract information including:

  • client name and address

  • date of sale

  • days of sale

  • sale address

  • commission rates

  • client's preferred means of contact

Signing a contract
Commissions image
King of commission rates

FIRSTFIFTEEN lets you keep track of a multitude of commission rates that you can apply to any contract at any combination.  Your contract can have any combination of:

  • flat commission rate or tiered

  • special item commission (cars, decide!)

  • client purchase fees (including % fee and/or $ fee)

  • upfront fee

  • initial commission amount

  • minimum commission amount

Inventory + Barcodes = a POS dream.

If you're a liquidator who does detailed inventory, FIRSTFIFTEEN may be a dream come true, with a full inventory system, complete with barcodes if you want.


Just enter your inventory into FIRSTFIFTEEN before the sale.  On sale day, you'll immediately be able to start scanning in sold items!  Plus...automatic, immediate inventory updates ensure accurate inventory levels and sale figures throughout the day!

Click here to learn more about our one-of-a-kind inventory module.

Firstfifteen barcode sampe
Reports.  And reports.  And reports...

FIRSTFIFTEEN offers a wide array of reports, from a detailed Sale Summary Report to hand to your client at the end of the sale, to End Of Year reports showing your gross and net sales for the year.

And since it also lets you track expenses (including those you don't charge back to your client) you also can see what your costs were for your sales.

Imagine that!  EOY reports without having to open a single spreadsheet or go through a file cabinet of contract papers.

Firstfifteen report sample
Schedule opening/closing checklists
Firstfifteen checklist sample

What liquidator doesn't wonder the night before the sale...

"Did I hang up all my 'Do not enter' signs?"

"Do I have enough petty cash?"

"Did I set up the cashier station with everything?"

Fear no more.  Just create a checklist with all those little details you always worry about.  

Firstfifteen checklist calendar sample

Assign them to any number of days to always have a reminder of what needs to be done before you open or after you close.

You can even assign checklists to different members of your staff!  We'll even send them a gentle reminder!

Defaults:  Add once.  Change only when needed.

To save you precious time, FIRSTFIFTEEN will clone your default settings for every new estate sale contract you enter.

So if your defaults are what you want, you won't have to worry about re-entering:

commission rates

client purchase fees

minimum commission amounts

expense types


and more!

More Features

Estate Condition Reports

Cover yourself by noting and reporting to your client any issues that the estate has, such as damaged concrete, broken windows or malfunctioning HVAC.  Report the items to the client before to sale so you won't be held liable.

Quote Tracking

Why wait until you get "back to the office" to give a potential client a quote?  Give them a quote for your services during your visit with our easy-to-use form: fill it out and email it to your client right there!  Keep track of all your quotes, too!

Lead Management

Track calls placed, meeting/phone call notes and more.  Set up to-do's for follow-up calls, meetings and more.  Easily convert a lead into an estate sale contract with a simple click of a button!

Expense Tracking

Firstfifteen gives you the option to track virtually every expense related to your sale.  You can track any expense, from advertising to permits.  You define what expenses you want to track.  You can even flag an expense as one you can charge back to your client!


Full 24/7 access to all on-line help.  24/5 on-line help and support tickets.  

Available 1-800 phone support as well!

Client Purchases

Many liquidators charge their client if they remove something from the sale.  Firstfifteen gives you an easy way to not only track these purchases, but also charge the client automatically (percentage fee and/or flat fee).

Business Dashboard

With a single click, get an immediate update on where your business stands.  

The dashboard provides all sorts of performance data, including # of sales, sale average, profit average and more!

Let's talk contracts.

Put the paper contracts away

firstfifteen has all of your contract needs covered.

With the ability to enter unlimited "boilerplate" contracts, firstfifteen gives you the flexibility to generate any number of estate sale contracts, from your most basic one to even the most complex.

Do you have a lead that's ready to sign?  


Just open the lead in firstfifteen and with one click of a button it will generate a completed contract right on your screen, all ready for you and your client to sign electronically.

But there's so much more.

Almost every liquidator has had to make changes to a contract.  firstfifteen lets you handle this with a simple contract addendum.

And we've all had to cancel an estate sale contract at one point.  Use firstfifteen to create a "Cancellation Of Estate Sale Contract", with the ability to select pre-defined reasons for the cancellation.  Check off a few boxes, hit "Print" and your form is all ready for you to print and send to your client!

And all of this, from the initial contract to every addendum and cancellation, is retained in firstfifteen for easy reference, emailing and printing.

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