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Can you explain how your pricing works?

Sure.  We charge a monthly fee based on the following:

  • how many users you have signed up for

  • which Plan you want to use (Townhouse, Bungalow or Mansion).

That's pretty much it.  We don't charge any usage fees or commission fees.  The only additional fees are for when you want to add additional users or purchase the on-line purchases add-on.


What's a user?  Is that my staff or my company?

Users are the individual staff members who you want to authorize to use the app.  On a monthly basis, you are charged the flat fee for your Plan plus a fee for each user you've added into the app.  So for a company using Townhouse with 5 total users, that's about $90.

The Software

How to I run the app?

Firstfifteen is a browser-based app, and can be run on virtually any up-to-date browser on your home PC, your tablet, your laptop or even your smart phone.  When you register with us, you'll be provided with the web address you'll need to run the app.

What do I need to download?

Since the app is purely web-based, there is no software to download.

How do I get the updated software when changes are made?

Simple.  When you run the app, you are always running the most up-to-date version available.  There is no need to perform any updates.

Do I need to pay extra to run it on multiple devices?

No.  Once you subscribe, you can run the app on any or all of your devices that are up-to-date enough to run the app.

My Data

Is my data safe?

Very.  We utilize only US-based datacenters to store your data.  These datacenters have multiple certifications for storing and securing your data.

And the app itself also has significant built-in security, based on the Role you assign to your users.

Is my data mine?  Do you use it for marketing or sell it in any way?

Your data is yours.  Although we own the "software stack" that you use to enter, maintain and use your data, the data itself is yours.  

We do not harvest your data for selling to any third-parties.  


We will, though, occasionally calculate some figures (e.g.,  how many users we have, how many sales have been entered, number of inventory items) and potentially post these figures for marketing purposes, as well as use this information for performance monitoring and maintenance.  But if/when we do so, no personal information or information about you or your company or your clients will be used or divulged.

If one of my competitors is using the app, can they get to my data?  Can I get to theirs?

No.  Although you are both using the same exact app, you are using entirely different databases.  

Multi-User Questions

Is firstfifteen a "multi-user" system?

Yes.  But we first need to clear up some confusion.  In talking to buyers, some people use the term "multi-location" or "multiple locations" to mean multi-user.

Multi-user simply means that you can have more than one person use the app at the same time.  Our app is indeed multi-user.  You can have virtually unlimited staff members in the app working on an estate sale.

What, then, is multi-location?

Some interpret multi-location to mean that you can use the app at home, or on your tablet at the sale, or on your smart phone while you're in your car.  Although this can be seen as "multi-location", it is not.  That is what is normally called "multi-platform", which firstfifteen also is.

Firstfifteen is multi-location in that you can be running or maintaining multiple sales at the same time.  


For example, you can simultaneously have:

  • a set of staff members at Home A setting up and inventorying the home

  • another set of staff members at Home B running an actual sale

  • a clerk at his or her own home, generating your closing reports for the sale you had last weekend at Home C.

Data and Usage Limitations

Are there any limits on how many estate sales or inventory items I enter?


You have virtually unlimited range in how many estate sales you enter and how many inventory items you have.  We do monitor system usage, but that's primarily to keep people from abusing the system (for example, multiple liquidation companies using a single license).   But if you do 2, 6 or even 12 sales a month, you're completely free to do so.

And if you are liquidating an antique store that has 4,000 items or more, we can handle it.


Are there any limits on how many people I can have use the app?

No.  You can purchase as many additional users as you need.  

Can I share my login credentials with someone else so they can use the app?

We strongly suggest you not do this.  We use your login so we know what sale you're working on, or the inventory item you're scanning, or the shopping cart you've opened.  Sharing logins can cause odd behavior in the app.

Hardware requirements

What printer does firstfifteen use to print price tags?


We have standardized on Brother's "QL" line of P-touch thermal printers to print out your adhesive price tags.  The label stock used is DK1209 (small address labels) and DK1202 (regular address labels).  You can use either original stock from Brother or any of the generic versions of these labels.

The other formats we have for price tags (4" by 6" index cards and 8 1/2 by 11 sheets) can be printed on any standard ink jet or laser jet printer.

We are also investigating additional adhesive label formats, based on demand from our users.

What printer does firstfifteen use to print out sale receipts?

We have standardized on the Star TSP 654II AirPrint printer.  We are also working with Star to include additional receipt printers in the future.

What hardware requirements are there for my clerks and cashiers?

Your clerks can use any smart phone or tablet with a camera, provided it is a newer model.  Your cashier can run their tasks on any newer iPad.  We have been testing on a 3-year-old iPad with no issues.

Are there any other hardware requirements?

If you plan on using firstfifteen on-site to scan in items and generate sale receipts, you will need a mobile hotspot.  These can easily be purchased at virtually any big-box store or electronics store.

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