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15Leads:  sale lead and contract manager


For those liquidators who are ready to move their CRM and lead management to the next level, SellingBee also offers 15Leads.

This app allows you to enter and maintain all of your potential client and sale lead information.  Keep track of names, estate addresses, emails, messages and other contact history.

15Leads also includes a built-in quote generator, as well as full estate sale contract manager, which lets your client sign contracts in person as well as via the SellingBee portal.

Track all of your sale leads.
Even the ones you don't really want.

Enter and track all your current sale leads, including information such as:

  • location of the estate

  • contact information

  • proposed sale date

  • proposed commission rates

  • and more

Plus, you can even tell SellingBee your "Want it" factor for the lead.  Mark sales you are really interested in as "Hot"; sales you really don't want as "Cold"; and those "meh..." sales can get "Medium".

Working on Laptop

Keep track of internal notes, emails and more.

Working on Laptop

Enter in any number of personal notes for the lead, such as "Client called back and said vehicles can be included in the sale", or "I am meeting with the clients sister, Martha instead of the client himself".

Email the client right from within SellingBee as well.  We'll be glad to track them all for you.

Just talked to the client on the phone?  Go ahead and enter in how the conversation went.

We'll also let you enter reminders, just like in 15Forms.

We'll keep track of it all.

Ready to send a quote?
It's just a few clicks away.

If you send out formal quotes for services to your clients, you're going to love SellingBee.  

Go ahead and set up your quote templates.  Then, whenever you need to send an actual quote out to a lead, select the quote template you want to use and SellingBee will automatically fill it out with the lead information, such as proposed commission rates, proposed sale date and more.

And you'll have plenty of chances to alter the quote to suit that particular client or estate before you email it.

Your client can even approve the quote on-line right within SellingBee, and we'll let you know if they do.

Working on Laptop
Working on Laptop

Multiple contract templates.
Use the one you need.

You can set up multiple contract templates, such as one for in-home sales, on-line sales and clean-out.

When it's time to propose a contract to your client, just select which template you want to use, and we'll fill it out for you with info such as estate address, sale date, commission rate and more.

Of course, you'll have plenty of opportunity to tweak it as much as you need before sending it to your client.

Sign in-person.
Or on-line.

You can print out a hard copy of your contract so you and your client can sign it in-person.

Or you can let you client sign the contract right in SellingBee!  

Your client can sign right on to SellingBee and enter in their email address and phone #.  SellingBee will then show them the contract you just set up for them.

If they're ready to sign, they can sign the contract right there, on-line.  Or they can indicate that there's something wrong with the contract.

Either way, we'll let you know where the contract stands.  And if they signed the contract, SellingBee will automatically convert that lead into an estate sale in 15Forms, all ready for you to treat as a new estate sale.

Working on Laptop

Dead leads?
Close them when you need to.

Working on Laptop

There are plenty of cases where a lead that's over a year old turns into an actual estate sale.

But there are also times when a lead is dead.  Perhaps they went with another liquidator, the lead is too old, or you refused the sale.

You can easily close these leads whenever you want.  And we'll even show you the lead's age, in case you want to clean house of dead leads.

And of course, you can easily re-open a closed lead should they ever contact you again, even if it's over a year later.

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