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Commission and Fee Options

Flat Commission % Rate:  You can set a flat commission percentage for the entire sale.  For example, you can charge 35% of the total gross proceeds of the sale.

Special Items % Fee:  This lets you charge a different (often lower) rate for certain items, such as a vehicle.  So you can have the estate sale at 35%, but the car or the coin collection at 12%.

Multiple commission rates:  You can have a commission fee structure that you'd use for most of your sales, plus one for a particular

realtor or attorney you work with.  You can have unlimited commission rate structures ("Starter Home" is limited to one commission fee structure).

Upfront $ Fee:  Some liquidators often charge an upfront dollar amount before work begins.  This fee can be part of your commission structure.  You can even flag this fee as refundable once the sale has completed!

Minimum commission:  15Forms lets you set what you'd accept as the minimum amount of commission from a sale.  

Client purchase $ and % fee:  Do you charge your clients for items they've removed?  You can optionally charge the client a dollar-based fee, a percentage-based fee, or both!

Finder's fee for cash:  If you charge the client a percentage of any cash found during the set-up, you can enter in the % you charge.

Tiered commission rate:  Great for bigger sales to give you a competitive edge.  For example, charge 35% for gross sales up to $5000, 32% for the gross between $5000 and $7500 and 30% for the gross above $7500.

Gross commission rate:  Another great tool to give you an edge.  For example, charge 35% for sales grossing up to $5000, or 33% if the sale grosses up to $7500, or 32% if the sale grosses over $7500.


Estate Sale Features

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