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1://  Who We Are

We are a group of estate liquidators with over 30 years combined experience in the industry.  


We also have team members with over 20 years in software design, coding, documentation and application testing.

Plus, team members also have dozens of years of experience in accounting, inventory and other aspects of business.

If you were ever looking for people to create a great app for estate liquidators, you couldn't find a better group!

2://  Why We're Here

Running an estate sale can be fun.  We love dealing with buyers, making sales and ending up with an almost empty house.

But it can also be a pain:  managing contracts, keeping track of commission rates, generating sale reports by hand, and gathering all those numbers at tax time.  And if you need to inventory an estate, that can often be a massive undertaking.

Our goal is simple:  take the pain and hassle away.

Nobody wants more software, but everyone wants to make their jobs (and their lives) a bit easier.

3://  Our Goal

We want firstfifteen to be the premier app used by professional liquidators throughout the country.

That means firstfifteen has to address virtually every aspect of your business, from getting that lead, to signing the contract, to setting up and running the sale, to final reconciliation.

Firsfifteen will handle all much, much more.  You can use Firstfifteen to track labor, or set up sale reminders.

You can even let your buyers get their numbers on-line.  So on sale day morning stay in and get an extra hour of sleep!

4://  Our Mission

Firstfifteen is here for a single purpose:

Helping the professional estate liquidator run virtually every aspect of their business quickly, easily and painlessly…anytime, anywhere.

5://  Our Name?

The name "Firstfifteen" even has its roots in the estate sale business!

It comes from the start of opening day of our estate sales.


When we open the door, we usually let the "first fifteen" buyers with a number in!

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