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Automated, SMS-based entry number generator for all your estate sales.

Designed by liquidators, for liquidators.

No more sign-up sheets.

No more hand-written entry numbers.

No more getting up extra early to hand out numbers.

No more "heated discussions" about who was first.

No more arguments over "street numbers".

Instead, have your buyers get their entry number electronically.

Safely.  Securely.  Reliably.

All with a simple text message.

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One small app.  One less headache.

Stop handing out numbers.  And enough with the sign-up sheets.

As an estate liquidator, you have enough to worry about.  


And arguments about who was first at the door or figuring out which street numbers to honor don't help.

I'm a liquidator, too.  I feel your pain.

And 15Numbers can help.

What it does

Track Your Sale Days

Enter your sale day in about 10 seconds

Do you have a sale day you want to hand out entry numbers for?  Just give us a little bit of info and we'll automatically start handling numbers for you.  

Take about 10 seconds to enter in a little info.  And you're done.

Issue Numbers Automatically

A simple quick text message will do it

We will give you a unique code for each Sale Event you add.  Just let your buyers know in your estate sale listing what this code is.

All your buyer has to do is text that unique code to the text4numbers phone #. 


Within minutes they'll receive their entry number.

Simple.  Fast.  Done.

Verify Numbers Quickly

The text we send has all you need

Ready to open the front door and start letting people in?

All your buyers need to do it show you the text we sent them.  It displays all you need to quickly verify that they're at the right sale day and in the right order.

Optionally print off a Sale Day Numbers Checklist if you're more of a "hard copy" person.

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Automatic number generation

Set up your Sale Event with the # of "tickets" you want to issue and the time they're available.  Then your buyers can get their entry # automatically with a simple text message request.  Once you've set up your Sale Event, you're done, and 15Numbers handles the rest.

Multiple Sale Events, even multiple Events per day

You can define how any entry numbers you want to issue for your Sale Event.  


Set it to maybe just 5 or 10 for a "by appointment only" Sale Event, or just for better crowd control. 


Set it to your maximum for an all-day sale.  You can issue as many as 200 unique entry numbers for any single Sale Event!

Have to cancel a sale?  We can handle it for you.

As liquidators, we have all had to cancel a sale at some point.  If your Sale Event needs to be cancelled, just click on "Cancel Event" and text4numbers will cancel the Sale Event for you, so that no more entry numbers can be requested for it.  It will even send a text message to anyone who has an entry number that the event has been cancelled!


Like "really cheap" affordable.

No monthly subscription fee.  


Pay only when you use it.  

And pay only for the types of text messages you choose to send.


Text messages cost just pennies each.

Easy to use.

And can be used everywhere.

Use anytime on your home computer or laptop.

And with our portal software, run the app on your tablet or phone with the same ease-of-use.

Quickly see how many numbers you've issued.

Clear, simple, colorful graphs show you how many entry numbers have been sent out and how many are left, as well as how much time is left for your buyers to get tickets.

Activity reports show you exactly how many text messages you've created and sent out.  We even show you month-by-month activity figures.

Have a buyer you don't want to see anymore?

Block them!

There are just some buyers don't want to attend our sales anymore.  It's a sad but true situation.

If you have such a buyer, add their phone # to your own Blocked Phone Number List.  If they request a number, they'll get a no-charge-to-you text message saying that their phone # is blocked and they aren't allowed to get entry numbers for your sales.

Unblock their phone number is just as simple.

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