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Simple estate sale-focused lead manager.

Designed by liquidators, for liquidators.

Keep track of all of our sale leads.

Leads aged based on your customization.

Define leads based on your own "want the sale" factor.

Send your leads emails within the app.

Log phone calls and update notes.

Construct complete quotes.

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What it does

Track just the information you need.

Most CRMs have too many fields, too many settings, too much complexity.


But you just want to track your leads, track their progress, and stay in contact.

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Even track the leads you lost

Sometimes it's helpful to track why you lost a sale.

When you close a lead, you can optionally enter in why the lead was lost.

Convert a lead to a 15Forms sale with one click*

Did you get the sale?

Great news!

Now just click one button to convert this lead into a 15Forms estate sale.

We'll set up the sale details, commission rates, primary client and more!

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Don't forget important things to do!

Set up unlimited reminders to do anything, from doing a follow-up call, to sending a quote.

15Leads will even send you a quick SMS text message to your phone that you have a reminder due the next day!


It's on the house.

15Leads is absolutely free for any liquidator using SellingBee.

So sign up as a SellingBee liquidator and use 15Leads as much as you want.

We'll never charge you a thing to use our lead manager.

*Standard 15Forms fees apply when converting a lead to an estate sale.

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