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15Forms:  on-line forms management.


15Forms is the core of what SellingBee has to offer the professional estate liquidator.

With it, you can manage virtually every aspect of your estate sale, 

Manage estate sale dates, sale figures, commission rates, client information, payout data, additional services, expenses and so much more.

And all of your sales can be automatically listed on the SellingBee website, at no additional charge.

Enter once.
Re-use as needed.

15Forms is built to take on a lot of the stuff you have to repeat with every sale.

Instead of entering in commission rate values for sale after sale, just set up as many standard commission rate Plans as you want.  Then when you add an estate sale, just select the plan you want and 15Forms will fill out all those figures for you.

Same thing for estate sale expenses, additional services you may offer and more.

Working on Laptop

It's all in the (sale) details.
And we track lots of them.

Working on Laptop

15Forms lets you enter and track virtually all estate sale-related info.  Along with the standard items such as rates, estate address and sale days, we also keep track of details such as:

  • found cash (and if you charge a "finder's fee")

  • client contacts (including primary and emergency contacts)

  • sale expenses

  • additional services the client has contracted for

  • special sale items (such as a car or jewelry you negotiated a lower commission rate on)

  • upfront fees (including if you credit the fee back to the client after the sale is complete).

Have lots of things to remember?
We won't let you forget.

Never forget to go to the bank for petty cash before the sale again.

Or forget to get the sale permit the city requires.

Just set up a reminder and when it's due.  We'll happily send you a text message the day before to remind you what you need to do.  You can even get a reminder the day it's due as well!

Did you complete the task?  Let 15Forms know and we'll stop with the reminders right away.

Working on Laptop
Working on Laptop

In the end, it's the reports that matter, right?

It all comes down to reports, doesn't it?

When the sale is over, you need to give your client a sale summary report of how the sale went.

At the end of the year, you need to see your gross sales, net sales and expenses.  Because April 15th always arrives too quickly.

15Forms has all the reporting functionality you need, from a professional-looking Sale Summary Report to end-of-year figures.

Do you track client purchases?
So do we.

Many liquidators charge their clients for items removed from the sale.

15Forms easily lets you enter in these items and it will calculate what your commission is from that item.  Then back that out of the client's share of the proceeds automatically.

You can charge the client a % of the price as your fee, a flat dollar amount per item, or both (which is an excellent way to discourage your clients from "shopping" the day before the sale).

And, of course, we have reports for this as well!

Working on Laptop
Working on Laptop

Get notified of potential leads.
Fast.  Regardless of plan.

Potential clients can easily place a request for a liquidator via SellingBee.

Based on the location of the estate and your service locations, we will automatically send you a SMS text message to your phone to let you know about the lead.

And you'll get it ASAP, regardless of which SellingBee plan you're on!

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