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Introducing SellingBee!

Your all-in-one estate sale manager.

Sale listings
Forms management
Lead and contract management
...and much more!

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Want to save a whole lot of reading?


Forms:  for all the little details

Go the simple route and just keep track of dates, addresses and your flat rate.


Or go more complex with special item pricing, rates for client purchases  and more.

Your choice, and you can change all of this from sale to sale.

Sales: from set-up to sale day.

Keep track of sale-related expenses and more as the sale progresses to your opening day.  

Enter and track sales by day and by categories.  

With our inventory/POS system, you can inventory anything from a small home to an entire storefront.

Figures:  from estimates to actual.

When the sale's all over, a button click is all you need to generate all your final figures, including gross sales, %'s owed to the client, client expenses and purchases and more.

Need more?  Generate reports for sales by category, including cut-off amounts to only show sales above a certain $ amount.



Use it like a pro on day 1.

A clean, colorful, beautiful interface, designed for speed and ease-of-use.

Pop-up help when and where you need it.

Multiple default settings save you time, labor and money.


As simple as getting to your email.

All your info is securely stored in the cloud for anywhere-level access.

Run it on your phone, tablet, PC or laptop.

Run it when you need it, where you need it, any time.


That means we can grow with you.

Just starting out?  Or are you a multi-person operation?

We're multi-user, so we can handle your staff size, no matter how big.

As you grow, and your business needs grow as well, we're ready.

No other apps come close.

(But that's because there is no app like it)


SellingBee is built to handle virtually any estate sale requirement.  


This is no small-scale applet; it's a powerful multi-user set of apps built to be used by you and your entire staff around the clock.


SellingBee is also built with your data security in mind.

Only those you've authorized to access your information can do so, with powerful built-in security at the front end as well as in the cloud.


Our "pay as you go" pricing model makes using SellingBee amazingly affordable.  Pay for it only when you need it.  

You could easily use all the apps in SellingBee and still pay less than what you pay per month to be on most listing sites!

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Use SellingBee,

and watch your company grow

Save time.  Save labor.  Save money.

And always know how your business is performing.

Start getting more sales.

And start getting ahead of your competition.

Take the next step to growing your estate liquidation business today!

Start using SellingBee today, risk-free.

We'll even start you off with enough credits for over a dozen estate sales!

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